DC Filter dedicated for Rail Transit 33A

DC Filter dedicated for Rail Transit 33A

DC filter dedicated for railway air conditioning system . The train electrical system is very complex with many big power electrical devices resulting in severe electromagnetic interference . This products is specially designed for railway system  with precious calculation and unique structure design . Solving the electromagnetic interference problem while capable of dealing with harsh operation environment in the train .Special features are waterproof , anti-vibration ,thermostability to ensure safety and high reliability .

Characteristic of this series:
1.Voltage Range: DC 600V-1200V
2.Dielectric Strength: Core-winding,AC 3000V/50Hz/5mA/ free of demage in 60s (test in factory)
3.Insulation Resistance:Core-Winding,DC 1000V,Resistance >100M ohm

Rail Transit

Диапазон мощности (KW) -
Диапазон номинального напряжения (V) 600-1200
Напряжение системы(KV) 0.4
Диапазон номинального тока (A) 33A

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DC Filter dedicated for Rail Transit