High power Aluminum Housed Resistor 4KW

High power Aluminum Housed Resistor 4KW

RXLG aluminum housed resistor:

COMPACT BROADER BRAKE RESISTORS are electrically insulated and with small dimensions. They can easily be fitted into compact constructions and are especially designed to endure high pulse loads in industrial drive systems.With broader aluminum casing and waterproof structure,SIKES resistors can withstand darsh environment.

Key Features:

1. High IP class of IP21,IP33,IP55,IP65 waterproof or as required;
2. High power , single unit up to 12KW ;
3. High pulse load and high vibration capability;
4. Compact structure,and cool surface ;
5. No live parts outside;
6. Low noise level;
7. Low thermal drift;
8. Terminals suitable for soldering or bolt connection with high temperature.


1. Rated power: 4KW to 12KW, based on 25°C free air rating;
2. Resistance values: from 1Ω to as high as 10 KΩ( to 100 KΩ on request);
3. Temperature Coefficients: 50,100,200 and 400ppm/°C or as required;
4. Operating Temperature:-55°C to +225°C;
5. Insulation Resistance: >1000MΩ (500V 25°C 75% relative humidity);
6. Dielectric strength: >3.0KV 50Hz 1min(25°C 75% relative humidity);
7. IP protection: IP21, IP33,IP55,IP65 or as required;
8. Element material: OCR25AL5/CrAlFe/CrNi/CuNi;
9. Lead material: Brass Caps(wiring leads available);
10. Vibration grade:>1.5g


1. Capacitor charging & discharging ;
2. Balancing resistor, crowbar;
3. Filter,electrical machinery general use, available through distribution;
4. Heavy-duty braking of inverter,variable frequency drives and any other low-wattage load applications.
IP Класс IP21,IP33,IP55,IP65
Диапазон мощности (W) 4000
Диапазон номинального напряжения (V) 12-1200
Коэффициент температуры ≤400ppm/°C

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Aluminum Housed Resistor